Prostate Cancer Pony Express Donation Page

Make a Donation Today

You can make a donation in support of a particular Pony Express rider or create your own account at

The entire process takes just 2 1/2 minutes and is completely secure.

Your donation will fund free prostate cancer testing and our new free online prostate tracking service at

2 Responses to DONATE HERE

  1. Glenn says:

    How can i palce a donate button or any other way on my face book page ??? That i could some how rasie the money in my name for PCAP…. I tried the donathere link and it was not letting me do what i am wanting to do on facebook as i dont have a website to place the donate link to…Thanks Glenn.

    • Hi Gab4u_74:

      To create you own fundraising page, follow these steps:

      1 – Go to

      2 – At top of the page you have an option to “Fundraise as an Individual,” “Create a Fundraising Team,” or “Join a Fundraising Team.”

      3 – Click on the option of your choice.

      4 – You will need to create an account in order to create your fundraising account. You need this so that people can donate and have their donation credited to your fundraising efforts.

      5 – After you create your account, go to this link and you can send emails directly to your contacts.

      Proceeds from the Pony Express go to programming our free Internet PSA tracking service ( and to prostate cancer testing through our partner organization, the Prostate Conditions Education Council.

      Best regards, Robert

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