September 18, 2011 the New Pony Express Begins!

Will You Ride with Me on September 18th, 2011?

Most of you following this blog are motorcycle enthusiasts and some of you rode with me last summer on the inaugural Tour de USA.

Beginning in 2011, our prostate cancer motorcycle awareness rides will be “Prostate Cancer Pony Express” rides, part of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s Black Tire Affair® two-wheel event series.

On September 18th, 2011, I will ride from Falls Church, Virginia to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the annual prostate cancer awareness program for the incoming Congress.

Why Did We Create the Prostate Cancer Pony Express™ to Capitol Hill?

Prostate cancer remains a largely unrecognized epidemic in the United States.  There are more new cases of prostate cancer each year than breast cancer, but men’s natural reluctance to talk about the disease lessens the public focus on the disease and, as a result, limits funding for prostate cancer research.

Each September, in conjunction with the return of Congress to Washington, DC after their summer recess, the prostate cancer advocacy groups hold a series of meetings with Congressional members and staff to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

The most compelling way to carry the message is to have as many prostate cancer survivors present as possible, and our Prostate Cancer Pony Express™ rides will help make this happen.

Moreover, these rides will highlight the importance of knowing the symptoms of prostate cancer and the role and meaning of PSA levels.

How Do You Participate?

You can ride as a participant, contribute as a donor and fundraiser, or both.

Initial event information is available on the Internet at Registration will be open in early March.

To be added to the information list, just send your name to

Follow event planning at

Can’t Ride But Want to Help Fundraise?

Just click the following link to become a Prostate Cancer Pony Express fundraiser:

All funds generated go toward creating prostate cancer awareness events and providing financial support for testing programs for men without medical insurance.

Warm regards,  Robert

About The Success Architect®️

Business Owner | Business Advisor | Cancer survivor, Class of 2003 | Founder and President of the Cancer Journeys Foundation | Founder of the Tour de USA®️ to End Cancer | Founder and CEO of The Success Foundry | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Senior Fellow @ the Center for the Digital Future USC Annenberg School |Business Coach Founder, CEO of TSG Inc | Founder and Partner of InterSpaceLA | Thought Partner | Founder of Pony Express Riders | Autocrosser | Motorcycle Rider | Bicycle Racer | USA Cycling Coach | Retired career Army officer | Prostate Cancer Advocate | Find me at
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One Response to September 18, 2011 the New Pony Express Begins!

  1. John Bing says:

    I Cancer is Like a Ghost

    My name is John Bing and I need to tell my story. I am a healthy 50-year-old guy with a wonderful wife and two kids ages 6 and 8. I also have a great job as a builder at Lehman Trikes in Spearfish, South Dakota. Life is good, things are going great, or so I thought.

    I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in late August 2010. My whole life changed! I feel as though I have a new purpose in life, that new purpose is to educate every guy out there about prostate cancer, what it is, why its important to be checked every couple of years up to age 45, then every year after that, and how to avoid getting this cancer.

    I am putting together a prostate awareness bike and I need your help. I know what you’re thinking, someone else looking for a donation. That is not the case. I am looking for sponsors to donate parts, paint, and yes, money also. I plan to use my 2006 Harley Davidson Street Glide as the platform. I am seeking a custom ghost flame paint job that starts in the front of the bike with yellow and red flame tips. As the ghost flames go toward the rear saddlebags, the flame tips would change to light blue, which is the color that represents prostate cancer. If you choose to be a sponsor in this important project, I will put your company logo on the side of the saddlebags. I will also include your logo on the flyers I will be handing out at all the motorcycle rallies that I can attend in 2011. My plan is to ride to as many motorcycle rallies around the country as possible promoting prostate cancer awareness.

    This is a great way to show the motorcycle community that you care about people and you want to get the word out about this cancer that someday will affect you or someone you love. Prostate cancer affects almost every man in this country, if not now, then someday. Let me be the spokesman to the motorcycle community about this nasty cancer and show how big your heart is and it will come back to you and your company tenfold.

    I thank you for hearing my story and I hope I can count on your support. My wife says, “John has cancer, but cancer doesn’t have him.”

    Thank you,

    Companies on board to fight Cancer with me:
    Lehman Trikes
    Progressive Suspension
    Klock Werks
    Hells Foundry
    Fat Baggers Inc.
    Simpson Printing
    Chris Lee Design .
    Cycle Sounds
    Black Hills Harley-Davidson

    John Bing
    (605) 642-3851 Home
    (605) 639-9608 Cell

    too have Prostate Cancer. Please read the enclosed letter.

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